When you put your MIND to work…

Here’s a great story of how we used the Daily Magic program recently…

So we decided that we wanted to move, and we want to move as soon as possible, back to my hometown and where my social network is, where our work is and certainly much closer to the beach!

Normally, one would find a real-estate agent and begin the arduous process of pouring through listings, scheduling appointments, making it all work around busy schedules with various parties involved, right?

Not for us!  Our real estate agent was on vacation and we weren’t about delaying the process one week.  So, we began creating the perfect place, location, environment, price point, etc in our minds during our Daily Magic walks each day.  We looked through a few listings and poked around on Craigslist a bit.  We visited a few places.  Each place had some compromise associated with it.  Nope, not right!  Wasting time!  Let’s just keep envisioning the perfect place.

Then we declared the day we would have that place located and locked in!  It was this past Sunday, our “silly” day of Daily Magic, that we declared it’s going to happen!  On Monday, as we set out toward work, we said, “It’s going to happen today!  We will secure a new place to live today!”

Well, guess what?  We have in fact located the place!  It’s exactly the perfect situation for us, in exactly the right area, for exactly the right price, and within our desired time frame!  This stuff doesn’t just happen by coincidence!  We were very intentional about what it had to be.  We put specific dates to when it would happen.  And, we focused on it every day during daily walks.  So now it lives in reality for us.

All things are created twice: once in our mind and once in reality!  Even when you don’t THINK this is the way it works…let me assure you, it works this way!  What you think about you bring about!  Our minds are more powerful than we give them credit for.  So when you really want to create results in your life, put your MIND to work!

Check out our Daily Magic page.  Download the files.  Listen to them.  Get started on YOUR daily magic program.  Then post YOUR success stories for us to enjoy!  We are hoping our blog really adds value to your life!  So let us know…thanks!