Own the 24 – Step 1, Get up! Set up!

We believe it is important to set up our day right.  Of course, but how?  For us, we wake up at 5:00 a.m. and go through a process of writing in our journals, and listening to an excellent audio program that I found many years ago called “The Inner Art of Meditation” by Jack Kornfield. It is an excellent resource for the beginning meditator (Lori) and an excellent refresher for anyone who has dabbled in it for many years (me).  Once our meditation time is over, we spend some time really connecting, setting up the tasks and priorities of our day, etc.

I can’t express enough how powerful it is to set up our day in this way.  Regardless of what happened yesterday, every day is an opportunity to refresh, start new, recommit to goals/objectives, and simply appreciate the beauty and wonder of this day.

Of course we’re tired when we wake up, of course it would feel good to sleep in.  However we have discovered a couple of things, 1. Our Herbal Tea Concentrate is awesome! 2. The “juice” that we get from starting our days in this way is far better than the additional sleep!

Try it!  Take an extra hour to set up your day!  I promise you will not regret it!  Love this day!  Own it!!!!