Everything can be useful

The following is from the great book 365 Tao:




Manure makes excellent fertilizer.

Life has ordure.

When you water your plants, you sometimes have to feed them.  Manure is an excellent way to feed plants.

Isn’t that funny?  Something that is so repellent when stuck to your shoe is so important to sustaining life.

In the fields, everything is saved.  Night soil helps things grow.  We grow vegetables, excrete vegetables, and give the waste back to the soil so that vegetables can grow again.  Truly, it is said: Everything is only borrowed.

The same is true of the misfortune, failures, and disappointments of life.  If we understand the importance of manure, we understand that nothing is truly wasted.  Everything can be useful if correctly applied.  Therefore, even the bad things in life may become fertilizer that will help us grow and become strong.