An Absentee Master

This is from the great book, Zen and Japanese Culture by D. Suzuki.  How often do we see this?  How often do we DO this?  Someone achieves a position of authority in their job, or some other accomplishment, at which point they begin to allow their ego to grow and they lose some or all of their humility.  Unfortunately it is an all too common occurrence in our Herbalife business.  Someone achieves a certain level in our business and conclude that they are now ready to be self sufficient, go it on their own, and teach others to do the same.  The worst error in judgment is they forget where they started, and what (and who) helped them get there.  In other words, “Egoistic Deviousness”.

As true as it was hundreds of years ago when this was written, it is true today.  The laws of karma are not subjective to context, spin, misinformation, individual agendas, etc, they are like gravity – it works every time.  Invariably, people who make these errors in judgement are doomed to defeat, at least temporarily.  Then, when the lessons of humility and perspective are learned, and respect and gratitude are truly understood and embodied, progress can continue.  The universe is infinitely patient! It will wait!


As soon as there appears a speck of cloud tinged with egoistic deviousness, the moonlight of emptiness of befouled and the swordsman is doomed to defeat, for the mind and body will no more obey the dictates of an absentee master.